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So the C-word is most definitely upon us and it’s time to plan our festive games.

Christmas round mine with two kids and my parents and hubby is pretty busy, but the key element to put the fun into festive is a good old family game. And it’s my fave thing to buy for kids as they get so much out of them – if you can drag them away from tablets for five minutes! And for those grown-up get-togethers, I’ve got a gem of a game to get the party started – but make sure everyone is well oiled!

So my top five recommendations for this Christmas must-buys you can shop straight from this post are:

1. Speak Out

Speak Out

An essential. This game is so simple but so funny I guarantee tears rolling down your face! The thing I like best is that you can make up your own phrases to make it more fun for the younger members of the family to guess – but the mouthpieces are not suitable for the little ones so leave them to do the guessing.

Check out my attempt at it on a girls weekend recently with very bad lighting but you get the point for sure…..

2. The Enchanted Ball – One For The Girlie Girls

This one is an essential princess-pleaser and will delight any little girl this Christmas. Yes, it totally plays to gender stereotypes but little girls who love role play like this will enjoy this game over and over again.

Each player has to move around the board to reach the stairs to enter the ballroom and he join the prince to dance. He will dance around to choose a dancing princess before the music stops. The lucky chosen one receives a star as reward. The winner is the one who receives the first four stars of her colour.

3. Spiderman Chase Rhino – For All Those Web Fans Out There

One for the boys now from Mega Bleu and my youngest is Spiderman obsessed, so this one is a must-have in his Santa sack this Crimbo.

The spiderman on the base projects his nemesis Rhino’s shadows all over the room. The kids use the laser gun to eradicate this baddie and win the game. Each time Rhino gets zapped, a point is marked on the laser gun and the best score wins.

Three levels allows for easy, medium and fast abilities. Great fun! Here’s a little teaser:

4. Monopoly Deluxe Edition – Family Tech-friendly Fun With A Thoroughly Modern Update!

Everyone loves Monopoly – well my dad doesn’t as I always cheat and it drives him mad – but most other people I know love it. And bringing this family classic right bang up to date, it’s now cashless!!! I can’t even quite believe it actually but its true. Modern times have done away with the old paper pieces you used to lose anyway and it’s all gone tech. Wonder what happens when you pass go – do you get paid by Paypal or a bank transfer??? It’s scary that we are subliminally conditioning our kids to accept a cashless society but that is the reality these days on the streets. I found this little vid to give you a taster, I’m not sure the kids make it look very exciting, but there’s no denying it makes a great gift and families, as always, will inject their own dose of fun into it.

5. Cards Against Humanity – For The Drunken Party With Very Close Friends!

Okay, no messing about, this game is HIGHLY OFFENSIVE! Not to be played around anyone under 16 and even then, choose your players carefully! After the removal of a few choice cards which are particularly bad taste, much drunken mirth will undoubtedly ensue! Match the funniest answer cards to the question to win.

This clip I found was of a less racy choice of answers on the Ellen show – enjoy!

So what’s your favourite party board game? What gets all of you involved?

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